Our process is QUALITY-VALUE-and SERVICE from start to finish!

  1. We’ll start by going through your existing asphalt and sealing the random pavement cracks. We will route cracks ¼” or larger. Cracks are routed ¾” wide by ¾” deep. Next we blow out and clean the cracks. We then fill the cracks with a hot rubberized tar material (applied at 380° F) with excess being squeegeed off. We also re-seal any existing sealed cracks that have opened back up.
  2. Next, we’ll thoroughly clean your pavement using a combination of wire brushes, power brooms, power blowers and where necessary, power washers. We also, where appropriate, trim the grassed edges of your pavement, removing the grass and dirt, allowing us to seal the edges of your pavement where deterioration usually starts.
  3. After the pavement is thoroughly cleaned, we start the seal coating process. Our process involves applying an emulsion based seal coat material with 3 lbs of sand per gallon added to the emulsion. We apply the seal coat in two separate coats. The first coat is applied by the squeegee method. Once the first coat is dried we apply a second coat which is sprayed on.
    1. Where appropriate, to prevent staining of those surfaces, small brushes are used to cut-in adjacent to curbs, aprons, sidewalks, etc. Please note: where cutting in is necessary and appropriate, you may notice a darker shade resulting from additional material in those areas. The shading is unavoidable; but in time, these areas will blend in with the rest of your driveway.
    2. Heavily alligatored areas are double seal coated or treated with a special, very thick material to help cover and stabilize those areas where your driveway has a base failure. This is not a permanent solution, but a time buying procedure which cannot be guaranteed.
  4. Once the seal coat process is finished we barricade your driveway(s) with caution tape or construction cones for 24-48 hours.
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